10 Ideas For Brainstorming Blog Content

It can be a tough trying to come up with dynamic blog posts that readers will find interesting and useful. Here are a few brainstorming ideas that may help you develop dynamic content that will add variety and personality to your blog while also inviting visitors to be interactive.

1. Post Other People’s Articles

You can find many interesting articles written by other authors and they are a great resource for generating blog content.  I will say that posting your own articles is ideal but in a pinch posting articles from other writers can add variety, saloton particularly if it’s an article from an author with a creative writing style. Of course posting other people’s articles requires including their resource box with a link to the author’s website. If this concerns you here’s a suggestion.

Post articles that are useful to your readers but not in direct competition.  For example, a website about dating might post an article from a ‘money tips’ website that lists ways to save money on a date.   The article is useful to your dating readers but may not necessarily draw them to the money tips website as your reader is focused more on dating.

If you are posting articles from other authors be sure to preface the article with an introduction paragraph on why you like the article and why your viewers should read it.

Then follow the article with a personal comment and invite your viewers to offer their opinions and ideas as well.

2. Attend Webinars, Workshops or Live Seminars

Not everyone has the time or the cash to attend live Seminars or workshops, but if you do, ashkelon10 they are well worth it when it comes to learning strategies and getting ideas for content.  In fact I’ll guarantee your head will be swimming with ideas and useful information when it’s over.

Of course live seminars are more an occasional event, unlike online webinars that you can attend every day if you like and they are typically free, simply sign up and listen.

Even if the webinars you attend lean more towards a marketing pitch, it’s still an easy way to get unique ideas on what people are looking, this in turn will spark ideas on what you can write or comment about on your blog.

3. Read Industry Publications

What’s going on in your specific industry?  Is there anything interesting happening? Bookmark 2 or 3 industry related websites and visit them often.  Note what’s going on and the highlights.  There won’t be exciting news every day but there may be enough interesting things to post a few times a month.

Follow your posts with your own personal comments or opinion and invite your readers to do the same.

4. Offer Personal tips and ideas

What are your favorite personal tips, gavison-medan strategies or ideas that your readers may be interested in?  Personal tips are often unique and interesting; they’re not the usual things people read about everywhere.

Tips could include things that have helped you get something done easier or faster.They could be simple tricks you’ve discovered or they could be about products you use and the unique ways you use them.  The key here is to offer unique ideas by suggesting only ideas and tips that you have personally developed.

5. Frequent Popular Topic Related Forums

Forums contain content from members who are typically candid with their comments and questions.  This is a genuine place for you to find out what information people are looking for.  Look for a common interest that people often ask about or need information on.  This will most likely be a hot topic for you to discuss or write about on your blog.

6. Post Fun & Interesting Videos

People are reading less and watching videos more. Adding a video to your post can add personality to your blog.  If you’re not camera shy try making your own videos that demonstrate your personal tips and strategies or simply talk about a topic of interest.

If you’re not ready for the big screen YouTube is an excellent resource for finding fun and interesting videos from others. Videos can be informative, funny or unusual. I like to break up the monotony with an occasional funny video. I’ve noticed that readers will comment more when I post a video that is entertaining and fun.

7. Create an Audio Pod Cast

Just like video, audio is a popular way to deliver information. So why not record a conversation that your readers can benefit and learn from?  For example, you could interview an expert in your field or record an informative conversation you’ve have with another business colleague. Just as with video, shayarilo audio gives your viewers a glimpse into your personality and adds creativity and fun to your blog.

8. Check your Site Stats

Your hosting service should provide statistics about the visitors to your site or blog. Use this information to determine what keywords your visitors used to find your blog. These keywords make excellent blog content ideas for generating articles, videos, podcasts or commentary posts.

9. Use Google Alerts

Create ‘Google Alerts’ for your best industry related key phrases. This is an automated alert notification whereby Google will send you an email daily, weekly or monthly, with the web pages, articles, press releases, blog posts, etc. related to your key phrases.  It’s an ideal source of current information to spark interesting and useful ideas on a consistent basis.

10. Read Blog Comments

Reading other blogs is always a great suggestion for blog content ideas but don’t forget to read the comments too.  This is where good stuff gets posted.  People bring up interesting ideas and unusual tips in the comments section.  I often find that the comments can be more interesting that the actual post and is a great resource for unique tips. For more info please visit these websites:-https://us-bloodflow7.com/ https://www.ancientilluminaticode.us/ https://ilovemakingmoney.com/ https://vytvorimweb.sk/


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