Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory: A Book Review


I was having the blues in the cool, chilly weather. I was depressed and in a fix what to do. Then it struck me why not choose to do one of my favorite things. And that is going over my favorite author Investment platform Sidney Sheldon’s novel and writing a review on it. Here I provide a review for one of his great works, “The Tides of Memory”.

About the Book

In the storyline, an enigmatic, overpowering Lady, Alexia De Vere, by name, becomes the Home Secretary in London and is relishing moments of great victory. She has a painful past behind, but this is not the time to resurface it. Alexia is having the culmination of her career, and she is outrageously happy about it. As days go by, her husband starts to plan ienlarge to throw a party at their exquisite residence, celebrating three hundred years of De Vere’s history. Both Alexia and De Vere’s friends, fellow mates, and acquaintances are invited.

When the day of the party arrives, their son Michael has a terrible accident and goes into a coma. The party is naturally canceled as De Vere’s family mourns over their son. Their daughter Roxie is confined to a wheelchair after an attempted suicide over another issue much earlier.

Michael’s accident, Roxie’s attempted suicide, the cold war between Roxie and her Mom Alexia, Alexia’s husband, De Vere, her close friend Lucy back in the United States, and her painful past are all excellently interconnected to make up for all the mysteries in the story.

The mistakes the De Veres make cost them to be on the brink of losing everything- all their luminous properties and wealth. How far would each of them go to conceal the truth?

This is Sidney Sheldon’s fabulous master storytelling.

About the Authors

Sidney Sheldon is the author of bestselling novels, television scripts, major films, and Broadway plays, making him one of the world’s most gigantic storytellers. Each of his highly renowned books has hit No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Some of his exciting blockbuster novels are “The Best Laid Plans”, “Morning, Noon and Night”, “Nothing Lasts Forever”, “Memories of Midnight”, and “Sands of Time” etc. His first book, “The Naked Face” was acclaimed by the New York Times as the best first mystery novel of the year and received an Edgar Award.


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