What the Latest Hair Loss News Says

News is something many people enjoy. It can give us insight, give us the knowledge we crave. There are many ways to find hair loss news. There are many new advances in science accounting that have been made recently that can change the way we view hair loss.

The most recent news in the hair loss world shows that scientists have now been able to identify a gene, called APCDD1. This gene has been linked to a form of hair loss that is very similar to male pattern baldness and strikes at childhood. This gene has allowed researchers to understand the way the hair follicle miniaturization works with these genetic hair disorders in which DHT attacks vpxco the hair follicle, causing it to shrink. With this they also found that this gene in the genetic loss of hair disorders inhibits the pathways signaling hair growth in the follicles called Wnt pathways. Finding this shows that we are more like mice when it comes to our hair than previously believed. Researchers have long had proof of these finding in mice but never before in humans. This is important for people with loss of hair because it means that scientists can now start working on drugs to stop this gene and other ways of getting the signaling back to the way it should be. This means that there will be new medications released for genetic loss of hair that do not involve hormones. This is especially good news for people who have male or female pattern hair loss but cannot take these hormone changing drugs for whatever the reason.

Another study released exciting hair loss news that scientists may be able to help hair loss patients treat their problem with stem cells. There are stem cells that grow in optoki the bulge of the hair follicle. Scientists have taken this stem cell and have transplanted it onto adult mice. Within just a matter of weeks, these mice started to create new hair follicles. This is important for people with hair loss because the follicle dying causes permanent loss of hair. However, being able to just transplant hair follicles means that you can just create new hair from the ones you already have. Along these same lines there was also a study done that showed that it may be possible to clone hair follicles as well. Once they are cloned, they can just be injected right newsheater into a persons scalp. This would mean a person could just buy as thick of hair as they chose without ever having to take medications or going under the knife.

These hair news studies are still far from being put into practical use for the everyday person. They are still in the testing phase or even just trying to figure out how to make it work. This does however, mean that there is hope that one day we will live in a world here people do not have to be bald because there is no other option. They only have to be bald if they choose.

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