How To Hit A Sound Tennis Forehand

A forehand is a basic stroke in the game of tennis. It is one of the most important strokes in the game as it can be both a defensive and an offensive shot. There are various kinds of forehands such as the topspin, slice, mycarscent flat and lob forehands. This is due to the different spins used to hit each type of forehand. The topspin forehand will create a heavy bounce that will cause the ball to rotate forward and hop when it bounces on the court. The slice forehand will cause the ball to rotate backwards (backspin) and creates a shorter bounce. A slice forehand can also cause the ball to skid when it bounces on the court. The flat forehand will cause the ball to travel fast through the air with very little spin and will skid off the court. The flat forehand is usually an offensive shot as it travels very fast. akunprorusia The lob is a shot that is loopy and can have either spin or no spin; usually a defensive shot. This article aims to teach you how to hit a forehand and the things to take note of when hitting a forehand. semar128

The five things to remember to hit a forehand stroke:

1. The ready position. To hit a forehand, firstly one must get into position before hitting the ball. Bend your knees slightly and assume a comfortable crouch. Hold your racket with your hands gripping the racket at your comfortable grip; usually eastern or semi-eastern grip. Now, verduurzamendeurne you are ready to head off in any direction to hit the ball. Stay relaxed and focused with your eyes on the ball all the time.

2. Take your racket back and move towards the ball, at the same time, turn your body to a quarter to the right.

3. Footwork. From a ready position with your racquet back, spintenniscoach take one step forward with your left foot. This automatically brings your left foot nearest the ball and turned your body sideways to the net. Remaining in that same position, advance towards the ball. Do not rush towards the ball but instead take small skipping steps towards the ball. antminet

4. Hitting the ball. Now you have a comfortable hitting position. You have made your choice as to the height you want the ball to be at the moment of striking it. This is your choice, not your opponents. The choice depends on your footwork. If you want to hit the ball from a high position, ufa88myanmar you advanced nearer to it. If you like the ball from a lower height, you gauge the drop of the ball accordingly. Your footwork has been completed ahead of time, and your body is at rest. You’re poised in a steady balance position. Now hit the ball. Pivot the weight of your body into the stroke and meet the ball with your racket. Swing into it smoothly, crosstrainer-kaufen employing timing, one, two. One, swing-two, hit. When you hit the ball your work is over. Remember to watch the ball into the strings of your racquet. The swing should be from low to high. askanadviser

5. Follow through. The follow through will complete the forehand stroke and can also determine whether the forehand will be flat or topspin. If the follow through is below your shoulder, the shot would usually be a flat shot. sgmytrips

Now that you have read all these 5 steps on how to hit a forehand, you can try it yourself at home. But remember that it takes time and practice to master your forehand. Try out the different types of forehands and experiment with your swings and your grips to get different spins and speeds of the balls. Enjoy yourself and happy practicing!


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