Dubai Holidays – A Drop of Glamour Amidst All the Doom!

A holiday to Dubai will provide a touch of glamour in the sun-drenched desert with its boutique resorts and world class shopping, top-notch hotels and impeccable service.

Located just around 7 hours flying time from Heathrow Airport, inpix Dubai has the reputation of being a playground for the well heeled and holidays to this Emirate have become increasingly popular despite the many recent rumours about its’ impending financial doom. animeloved

Physically, the Dubai creek splits the city in half with Deira on the northern side and Bur Dubai on the south. The mixture of modern hotels, restaurants and shopping malls are culturally a world apart from the traditional ‘souks’ or marketplaces where jewellery and perfumes are bartered. bocoranadminriki

Known for its royal and luxurious lifestyle since ancient times, Dubai was once well known for its’ humble Bedouin traders.

Since those early days, Dubai however has come a long way and is now a modern commercial hub well equipped with a plethora of modern day conveniences with English being widely spoken. splitacdubai

Take a look below at why it has fast become one of the worlds’ most desirable holiday destinations:


  • Sun-drenched throughout the year
  • White sandy beaches
  • Luxurious Hotels
  • Impeccable Service
  • World-class Cuisine
  • Duty Free Shopping
  • Exotic ‘souks’
  • Great night life
  • Skiing, quad-biking, camel rides & golf


A holiday here is an extraordinary blend of ancient and modern. It is a place where camel rides, gold souks, barren mountains, remote villages, red sands, water-parks and wonderful architecture abound side by side. kjro

Traditional ‘souks’ and bazaars sell all kinds of weird and wonderful things as well as gold, carpets and spices and a holiday here, can entail wake-boarding, skiing, golf and quad-biking all in a single day! florbiz

The more adventurous might like to spend a night under the stars with the indigenous Bedouin in handmade tents being entertained by belly dancers, an experience one is sure never to forget. lytron

The astonishing Burj-al-Arab, a 7-star luxury hotel boasts an aqua-venture water park with the chance to swim with dolphins and also an underwater feature called the lost chambers, where as well as being able to view 65,000 marine animals visitors can also feed manta rays. qau


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