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If you are looking to purchase  cruise onlin that has a good price guarantee policy, you might want to check out the deals from Cruise Only Cruises. There isn’t any other cruise site out there offering that kind of a price matching policy. Most of the time you will see a 100% difference refund, referral codes but Cruise Only will refund you 110 percent of the price difference if you find a lower priced cruise.

Here’s how it works: if you see a lower advertised price, they will give you back a refund equal to 110 percent of the difference. It’s a great way to feel assured that you are getting the best possible price on your cruise vacation. If you see a lower advertised rate anywhere else within 48 hours of the time that you booked, you can just call their Customer Service Center and let them know. When you are looking at comparisons, you will want to make sure the price is for the exact same ship, cruise, departure and return dates, and type of stateroom. This offer is not applicable to cruises you book on Princess Cruise Lines. For more info please visit here:- booking a cruise
book cruise online
book cruise online
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Some people are worried that if they take a cruise that they will pick up the Norwalk virus or a similar kind of stomach virus. This is part of a category of virus that creates gastroenteritis. Even if you get a flu shot, it won’t keep you from picking up a a virus. They can be found almost anywhere where there are a lot of people close together, not just on cruises. Schools and office buildings can also be hotbeds for viruses. You can lessen your chances of coming into contact with this virus or another type of virus while cruising, by remembering to wash your hands frequently.


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