Make Residual Income From Blogging – Ask Me How


1. Make Money from Advertising Programs:
Commonly and widely appreciated method to earn some money from your blog. Advertising programs may provide you a good income if used properly. They can by in form of Contextual ads, fusionblog CPC ads, Impression based ads, Text ads, and RSS ads.

Google AdSense is the top player in Contextual advertising. Chitika eMiniMalls in CPC ads and TLA in Text ads are popular. Some other ad networks: Azoogle Ads, DoubleClick, Tribal Fusion, Adbrite, Clicksor, BidVertiser and many more

2. Make Money from Affiliate Commissions:

Affiliates makes money for every sale, customer, subscriber or even every visitor. As an affiliate, you can use your blog to promote variuous products and services. omegawriter

There are some larger affiliate programs like Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction. But now-a-days almost every new product or service comes with an affiliate program. So, you will never find scarcity of lucrative and suitable affiliate programs for your blog.

3. Make Money from Selling Ad Space:

If your blog has a good page rank and usually receives a much traffic, then you can think about Private Ads. This is a good option to earn some extra bucks.

4. Make Money from Sponsored Posts:

Sponsored posts require you to write about the products or websites of the sponsors. They will pay you for writing the post and providing some links on your blog. PayPerPost is a great service, that pays you to write sponsored posts on your blog. You can also use Buy Blog Reviews to write sponsored reviews on your blog. For more info please visit these sites :-

5. Earn Money from Writing for Other Blogs:

If your blog is a popular one or you are popular name in the blogosphere, then some fellow bloggers may request you to write articles for their blogs. You can do it for free. But, you can also charge some amount for every article! In my view it is not a fair deal. But it happens in blogosphere and you too can try it.


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