Holiday Fashion for Men and Women

Often times we neglect the opportunity to make a statement with our appearance. But the holiday season is a perfect opportunity to break out of our shell and make it happen! It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go and buy an entire new outfit. Maybe you can update what you already have with something a little more special and on trend than your day wear or the outfit from last year.

Go into your closet and find the nicest thing(s) that you have that fits. Now vow that you are going to wear them to your next holiday party! You may need some additional items to make a complete outfit, but don’t worry. There are a multitude of selections and ideas at the stores that you can pick up on sale, at a discount store, or even a second hand store! Put the items on your holiday shopping list and treat yourself. women’s wellness blogs

The trends for fall should be incorporated in your outfit. The slim fit everything is important to look stylish and put together (except women with the full 50’s style skirts!). You will also look thinner and taller. Thin and tall people can use color blocking to help either shorten or widen if that is what you want (one color on the top and another on the bottom).

Using alternative textures is a terrific way to dress something up. Shinny (silk and sequence come to mind), crepe, taffeta, lace and velvet are wonderful dressier fabrics for any part of your outfit – blazer, shirt, skirt, and maybe even pants if you can pull it off (those thin and tall people!). You don’t have to pay a lot of money for most of these fabrics – just make sure there is something of interest somewhere in your outfit – but not all of your outfit!

Color is another terrific way to make a stand. The royal and deep colors of winter are everywhere. Think deep purple, shimmery red or even winter white. All black is safe, but save safe for work. More than anything, color attracts peoples eyes and stands out among a sea of black. Remember, this is your time to shine!

Make sure your shoes are appropriate for the occasion. Women, no sandals in cold weather climates. There are a ton of booties to choose from. Both men and women should make sure your shoes are in terrific condition and polished so well that they shine. Shoes say a lot about a person and how they feel about their appearance. Do not let that one slip. You’re confidence won’t show if you are worried about the ugly shoe. There is such a thing as a comfortable yet stylish shoes.

Of course accessories are very important as well. Please click on the link below to find out more for women specific and men specific holiday styles and accessories.


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