Nikola Tesla Shows You How To Generate Free Electricity

orn in what is now known as Croatia, of Serbian parents in 1856, Tesla was set to revolutionise the way we live on this planet. He played an extremely important part in the commercialisation of electricity during the latter part of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. And now, in the twenty-first century, his discoveries, haltonmachining inventions and genius can be adapted to generate our own free electricity to provide the power for our complex everyday lives.

Whereas batteries store direct current at low voltages, Tesla discovered how alternating current can be harnessed to produce the electricity which supports our modern-day lives. But electricity is expensive: not because there is anything intrinsically costly about it, but the various ways we currently generate electricity involve the use of expensive materials and processes.

Start with oil, for instance. Much of our electrical energy is generated in oil-fired power stations, but oil is running out. Reputed to have less than 42 years’ supply remaining underground at current rates of consumption, and with worldwide political tensions driving up its price, oil is a diminishing resource. wrdesignprint

Then there’s coal. Coal-fired power stations are widely used to generate energy. But coal is very dirty when it burns, and mining it is expensive and hazardous. Stocks will last far longer than oil, but as well as the other problems noted, it isn’t a particularly efficient source of power.

Nuclear power generation is considered quite environmentally ‘clean’ but there are problems associated with its use. It can take more than 20 years to build and commission such a power station and thousands of years to fully decommission it at the end of its active life.

And wind turbines. Who hasn’t seen these huge windmills out at sea or in rural areas? They are inefficient, unbelievably expensive and certainly not the answer to society’s problems. For more info please visit these sites :-

We will talk about solar panels in a later article. They have historically been an expensive way to harness power from the sun, but with economies of scale (as more and more are manufactured) they are becoming cheaper and cheaper to produce.

But what can we do for ourselves? How can we produce our own free electricity to rid us of the increasing greed of oil, coal and electricity companies?


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