Is the Male Pattern Baldness Gene Relevant?

It is interesting to know how important the male pattern baldness gene is in terms of going bald. The fact is that it is genetic and you can blame your mother for this. It all lies with the maternal X chromosome. What would be of interest is how our mothers got this gene. genee

All human beings get fifty percent of their genetic make from the father and the mother. Females are XX chromosome and men are XY chromosome. The father is responsible for what the sex of the child is. The father will contribute the child’s X chromosome, which correlates with the wife’s X. The result is XX and the birth of a girl. If the father gives a Y chromosome then this coupled with X chromosome from the female, means a boy. For this reason it is the X chromosome that causes baldness in men.

Men only have one X-chromosome. This means the gene that results in baldness is a single expression gene. No other gene is around to suppress this gene that causes men to go bald. It is safe to conclude then that the gene responsible for MPB is the X chromosome. Mothers contribute the x chromosome; therefore, mothers are to blame for the baldness being passed onto the son.

It is often found that men that are losing hair have this trait running through the generations of men in the family. This all comes back to the famous chromosome given to the man by the mother. This trait can be concealed due to the fact that only one dominant gene is present. Women have the double XX chromosome pair. Both of these have the gene that is recessive. This causes men to lose their hair.

The two X chromosomes are Xn if the gene is normal. A normal one and baldness one would be Xb and Xn. This would give the appearance of normality. The gene responsible for balding with both X’s are indicated as Xb Xb. Thus, the woman would appear to have pattern hair loss. stylowakobieta

Males that are born with this gene will most certainly forward this onto his daughters. Assuming his copulation partner is normal in terms of the baldness gene then each daughter has a one in two probability of inheriting with the male pattern. Men who lose their hair can only distribute the Xb gene. The topic of male pattern baldness gene is rather complicated and requires much understanding.


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