Online Marketplaces Are a Valuable Sales and Marketing Tool for Today’s SME’s

More and more small businesses are moving their product sales online to sites offering a platform through which they can sell their goods. These marketplaces provide an ideal opportunity for smaller businesses to showcase their products, taking advantage of the larger audience along with the national or international reach provided. They offer an additional sales channel that will in many cases cost less than being stocked in traditional retail stores. online afro marketplace

These marketplaces or online shopping malls are a great sales and marketing tool as they give small businesses the ability to get their products noticed by more customers often at the point of purchase. They also help the businesses to achieve a higher distribution and reach far more potential customers than otherwise possible simply through their own website.

Another benefit of listing your products for sale on marketplaces is that they are continually prom oti ng themselves and driving more customers through to their site. As they grow their brand power, their online SEO will be able to gather momentum and gain improved results. They tend to have larger marketing budgets and people pulling power and this gives you and your products the ability to increase your brand awareness by taking advantage of their marketing efforts. pe-eq

It is important for today’s businesses to get their products online and to be found easily as more and more Australians are turning to online shopping. “Online shopping growth is expected to increase twice as fast as the total retail market in Australia over the next four years according to Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Manager Phil Harpur. Frost & Sullivan also predict that online spend will grow to $21.7 billion by 2015” (Source: Dynamic Business Article). bennietay

For your business to succeed in these marketplaces and get the best results it is important for you to look at each of the marketplaces and how they fit into your business model and how their target market complements yours. Each online marketplace offers a slightly different platform aimed at different target markets (niche or general) with different key points (discount, specialised, Groupon) and each charge different fees while offering different advantages. pet portraits uk

When considering selling online in any of these marketplaces you should review all the options to determine which one(s) are best suited for your business. For example: Larger more established sites offer the ability to get your product on a well known site in front of a mass audience, however you are competing against hundreds of other retailers and it can be hard to get your product seen. While smaller, niche sites can offer the ability to put your product in front of a tailored target market with a much more simplified cost structure. Casino Malaysia


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