The Art of Doing Nothing – Why Continuous Development is Good!

I’m good at doing things.

Undoing the doing – now that opens a whole other can of worms. digitaalinen markkinointi

Most of us have been told since we were children that summer is a time to slow down, take things easy, hang out at the beach, watch escapist movies. All things I enjoy – yet I often wonder: Is this just part of another to-do list?

I like the idea of “creative summering,” as it resonates with the artist in me. It satisfies my belief that continuous development is good. It speaks to my work ethic.

My own frontier, however, lies on the other side of conscious creativity. It’s the uncomfortable place where I throw all effort out of the can. In summertime I like to go to the beach every day. Since I live close to the beach, that’s an easy thing to do. I’m learning to not bring any books to read with me. No magazines. No music. No cell phone. Just a towel and sun screen. gardenfrontier

At night, I sometimes like to take a moment and sit in the garden before I go to bed. The un-doing opportunity in this? For me, it means not fussing with the plants. Not toying with the garden lights. Not checking the pond. Simply sitting in the rocking chair. inrealtor

I like to reflect on a time, in the early 90’s, when I lived in a small village on the island of Tobago. There really was very little to do in Lambeau. The entire stay was a time of deep regeneration. I spent five to six hours a day reading the books I had picked up at the island library. I snorkeled and wind-surfed most mornings. And then, every day, I would reach the moment when I didn’t want to read one more page. Didn’t want to stay on the beach for another minute. When I had to stop. furzly

There was no television set in my house. Stopping meant laying on the ledge of the terrace right above the ocean. Opening my eyes. Closing my eyes. Listening to the world around me. My body. My thoughts. And feeling the silence inside. These moments became powerful, near hallucinatory experiences. They instantly changed the vibration and energy within my body. They always brought me closer to my self and closer to the world around me. And they brought me great peace. bitpapa

This summer, be mindful of all the doing that goes on during your vacation time. Slow down. Experiment with conscious creativity. But experiment, as well, with the joys of “true nothing.”


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