Puppy Nipping – How to Quickly Stop Your Puppy Nipping

Puppy nipping is natural. Though slightly painful for us humans! The thing to remember is that dogs are animals and have different habits than us humans so when we think their behaviour is wrong it is normally just a function of a puppy’s development. Some firm steps implemented quickly will work in no time. This article explores exactly what you need to do and when. nahls

It is important that you assert your pack leader status with your puppy so they realise what is the correct behaviour. Puppy nipping and puppy biting is part of their teething behaviour.

Ideally you still want them to be able to teeth only not using you. This is where using a puppy toy or teething toy will work wonders. If you have a crate or puppy cage that is even better. Messipoker

Give you puppy his or her toy to play with in the crate. Make it very obvious that this is the preferred behaviour. If they start to nip or bite you walk away from them and place them in the crate. Very quickly they will learn that nipping you does not work in getting them the attention they desire.

Puppy nipping is one of the many stages that young dogs go through and is completely natural. The thing is not to make a huge issue about it just accept it as part of the natural process of your puppies development. Shouting and screaming at your dog will confuse and scare them. Firm controlled behaviour helps them understand what it is they need to do to please you. preferablepups

Some dogs are worse than others that is a fact and you may need to be stronger with them. We are Staffordshire bull terrier puppy lovers and it is interesting to notice that even though this dog has a big jaw the nipping phase is nothing much compared to other dogs we have had.


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