Erectile Dysfunction Drug Review – Which Drugs Are the Best?

The inability to achieve erection is a common problem when men reach the age of 30-70. It has created several sleepless nights to men all over the world. But the exact number of people suffering from ED is still left unknown because most of them would rather hide their head in the sand because of shame. There are however several solution to the problem, natraj packing jobs this article focuses on erectile dysfunction drug review so patients can handpick the most efficient drug to bring back those nights spent in cuddle with their partners.


This is by far the most known brand name when it comes to ED. Marketed and manufactured by Pfizer, Viagra is also available with the name, Caverta and Ravatio. It is marketed in a form of a blue pill in milligrams of 25, 50, and 100. Viagra is only available through prescription and although there are stores that provide the drug even without prescription, it is not actually a sensible method to choose since there are contradictions of using the drug. cannabis blog

Amazingly, Viagra was not created with the sole purpose of treating erectile dysfunction; rather, the idea for creating the drug is to cure a heart ailment known as angina pectoris. It didn’t work the way it is expected to, however researchers noticed through testing a certain interesting side effects and it’s the fact that it consistently induced erections. pestcontrolservices


Also known as the Tadalafil, this is a medicine which is mainly use for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction. Cialis works by helping increase blood flow into the areas surrounding the penis thus erection is achieved. The moment when sexual activity is completed, the blood will automatically flow back to the penis and so erection goes away. Like Viagra, this is also available only with doctor’s prescription. drug reviews


Vardenafil is a group of medicines known to have a delaying activity to enzymes called as phosphodiesterases. The enzymes work in the penis. With this, the medicine is employed to treat men suffering from erectile dysfunction which is sometimes referred as sexual impotency. Vardenafil may assist in achieving erection specially the moment when a male is sexually excited. This drug is also seen to boost the blood flow going to the penis hence erection is satisfactory obtained for sexual activity. The moment when the deed of sexual activity is finish, ammodepot there will also be a decrease in the blood flow hence erection will cease to continue. Let it be reminded however that Levitra is not use to cure erectile dysfunction and it is only obtainable with doctor’s prescription. garden furniture

This erectile dysfunction drug review cannot well establish which among the three drugs would function better than the other since the result is different from one person to another. However, Viagra remains to be the most popular. The most competent person to advice about erectile dysfunction drug review is your own doctor since above anyone else; she is the one who is aware of your unique condition. vipd3m


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