I, Me, Myself – Personal Blogging

As the term itself explains, personal blogging is the activity an individual indulges in when s/he maintains an updated record of his/her individual interests on the Internet. As anyone with any idea of blogging would know, this is blogging at its most traditional. And while few personal blogs become widely known or visited, there are some that have become movements in their own right, with their owners going on to turn blogs into websites for commercial gain.

For most personal bloggers, their blogs are a way of recording everything of interest that happens to them in daily life, personal blog regardless of whether anyone reads the posts. Most of them don’t expect people to be interested in their mundane adventures, but there are some personal blogs that become mass movements and acquire a cult following.

Some even lead to completely unexpected results, as happened in the case of Indian journalist and blogger Meenakshi Madhavan, who landed a book deal with Penguin to publish her debut novel (titled You Are Here) on the strength of her blog posts. While that is unlikely to happen to the majority, no matter how important or interesting their blogs, many personal bloggers are viewed as ‘writers’ who transcend purely personal concerns and spread their message far and wide.

Of course, there is the flipside, too. In the past year alone, police and investigating authorities have been forced to shut down blogs belonging to more than one murderer, elmbrookpsych blogs on which they listed in chilling detail how and why they were following their chosen course.

But assuming you have no such awful intentions in mind, you may also go in for a kind of personal blog known as the micro blog, which is essentially an extremely detailed blog intended to capture particular moments only.


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